The  Veszprém Visual Workshop (W:I:M) has been operating in the House of Arts for more than thirty years.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 16 to 19 hrs the groups develop their creativity, talent and personality through individual tasks. In addition to practical activities the programme includes museum education classes and participation in city exhibitions and competitions. During the summer months creative camps are organised according to demand. The sessions take place in the patinated surroundings of the Veszprém Castle in the studios of the Visual Art Workshop run by the House of Arts Veszprém.
The visual workshop is characterised by complexity. We interpret and practice visual art and visual design in a broad and open-minded way. Eighty per cent of our young students go on to study at post-secondary or tertiary institutions. Within the Visual Workshop there is a "Studio Group" of young people who are currently studying or have completed their studies in higher education in the arts. The pedagogical programme takes into account the diverse interests of young people. The workshop exercises include from traditional genres to collage, montage, object making, photography and comics as well.

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Ágota Környei museum educator, visual artist
+36 20 500 1585 | +36 88 425 204