The House of Arts Veszprém is a contemporary art centre established in 1993. It currently welcomes visitors of all ages in eight historic buildings of the Baroque castle of Veszprém, serving as an artistic and intellectual centre as well as a tourist attraction. The House of Arts Veszprém is located next to the Castle Gate and the Fire Tower, where the Baroque environment and spirit inspires artists, visitors and staff alike.

Our aim is to bring and present the latest trends in contemporary art in Veszprém, with a conscious focus on the trinity of value - scale - quality. Our five venues, the Modern Art Gallery - László Vass Collection, the Csikász Gallery, the Dubniczay Palace, the Castle Gallery, and the Magtár Gallery are dedicated to presenting works of contemporary artists throughout the year. In addition, we organise the Veszprém Spring Exhibition triennially. Year after year, visitors of our galleries can enjoy temporary exhibitions as well. 

At the birth of our institution there had already existed a Municipal Artists' Collective, which took the name W:I:M, Veszprém Visual Workshop in 1999.

In 1993 we founded the Vár Ucca Tizenhét (Castle Street 17) publishing house, which in 2000 became the Vár Ucca Műhely (Castle Street Workshop) magazine and publishing house.

The basement of Dubniczay Palace is home to the Tegularium – the brick collection – an exhibition of scratched, monogrammed, emblematic bricks and special roof tiles.

Our art institution maintains good relations with galleries, cultural institutions and NGOs within Hungary and abroad.

Besides our permanent collection we organise temporary exhibitions, theoretical conferences and festivals. Our literary conferences provide visitors the opportunity to meet contemporary works and writers.

In addition, our art education sessions enable visitors to get to know modern and contemporary works through first-hand experience.

You are always welcome. Come and explore our world of art!