acb Gallery presents an online housing exhibition during the Covid-19 pandemic

The venue, medium and selection of the exhibition reflect the new reality that is unfolding at lightning speed for everyone, which weeks ago has shaken not only the contemporary art system, but virtually every known economic mechanism and has changed the global framework within which we live our daily lives...

Exhibiting artists: István Gábor Gerhes, Andrea Éva Győri, Hejettes Szomlyazók, Tamás Hencze, Károly Hopp-Halász, Adrian Kiss, Ferenc Lantos, Katalin Nádor, Gábor Roskó, Kálmán Szijártó, Margit Szilvitzky, Hajnalka Tarr, Endre Tót, Péter Szarka, János Vet ő, Zuzu-Vet ő

Virtual gallery

The first online exhibition of the acb Gallery The hands that make the world go round during quarantine