2021. 01. 01.
Untitled 1994, oil on canvas

"A painting is itself an object of meditation. There's something there that you have to spend days, weeks on and you have to spend it without any articulable, circumscribable meaning." Attila Szűcs


Munkácsy Prize-winning painter graduated from the Painting Department of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, then worked in Los Angeles, Rome and Berlin on various scholarships and programmes. He taught at the Secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts and the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

He basically uses traditional techniques (oil on canvas), but he often uses photographs, postcards, newspaper photos and film scenes as a starting point including some "high-density moments". He does not paint them in a realistic way, but radically reworks them adding new layers of meaning, while always leaving something for the viewer to decipher. This "research" makes the viewer part of the creative process.