Modern Art Gallery – László Vass Collection permanent
The eighth permanent exhibition of the Modern Art Gallery - László Vass Collection

The collection of art collector László Vass is a world-renowned collection of Hungarian and international geometric, constructive and concrete art. The works represent modern and contemporary trends after 1995.
Jenő Barcsay, Dezső Korniss, Pál Deim, Tamás Konok, Imre Bak, István Nádler, László Lakner are representative of Hungarian art.
International art is represented in the collection by world-famous artists such as Josef Albers, Max Bill, Jesús Rafael Soto, Francois Morellet, Vera Molnár, Bridget Riley, Sean Scully, Bernar Venet, Günther Uecker.
At first glance, the works appeal to our rational, constructive "selves", but on closer inspection, the emotional, creative side of our personality also arises
The works on display provide a great opportunity for art education and for learning about modern and contemporary art.