Magtár Gallery
Ceramic artist Júlia Bokros celebrates her 90th birthday on 24 September and to mark this occasion a retrospective exhibition of her work is held at the Dubniczay Palace in the Magtár Gallery.

Júlia Bokros is still an active artist in Szigliget, a founding member of the Veszprém Artists' Guild, and regularly exhibits at the House of Arts Veszprém. She has lived in Szigliget since 1989, and previously worked for decades at the Szolnok Artists' Centre with her husband, graphic artist László Bokros, who died a few years ago. The proximity and atmosphere of Lake Balaton and its colours have had a great influence on her art.
Since 1966 Júlia Bokros has been creating a special version of the Zsolnay eosin technique, which she experimented with and which she can also produce in her own small workshop: sculptures, wall paintings, small sculptures, tableware, vases, vessels and other utilitarian objects.
The metallic shimmering eosin glaze is extremely complex and requires a high level of technical skill. Thanks to the special glaze, the objects can be blue-green, violet-blue or reddish-gold, depending on how the firing and the oxygen eventually transform the colour. Delicate, light, airy ceramics; their clean shapes exude harmony and beauty, reminiscent of Art Nouveau. The result of this special technique is that no two pieces are alike. Her unique ceramics have been exhibited several times in Faenza, Italy, a centre of silicate.
A special piece of Júlia Bokros's oeuvre is the 2003 Cat series of ten pieces, each with a different glaze colour. Some pieces from the series have been acquired by private collectors abroad, while others are in domestic collections. One of the remaining examples will be included in the exhibition.
The intimate, yet rustic space of the Magtár is particularly suited to the display of his applied art. On the walls, her reliefs and in the space, postamens will be used to show her  small sculptures, statues and special sets.

The exhibition is curated by:
Szonja Dohnál art historian

The House of Arts Veszprém events and exhibitions are open to the public with an immunity certificate.

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