Csikász Gallery
Eric Kressnig (1973) a contemporary Austrian artist will soon be exhibiting his works created using different techniques at the Csikász Gallery.

The paintings, sculptures, photographs and installations explore the fundamental question in both philosophy and art (natural science) the relationship between the Parts and the Whole: how to create synthesis, how Synthesis comes into being, a new and greater Whole from the fusion of different elements.

The exhibition "Our Body is the Measure / Five Spaces - Like the Hand" is created as a site-specific installation in the five exhibition rooms of the House of Arts in the historic building of Veszprém, in the Csikász Gallery. In each room you will find works of different materials and forms - paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations. The whole exhibition is built around a fundamental question, which is related to the language and tradition of Concrete Art and represents the permanence of Kressnig's work. The Austrian artist Eric Kressnig explores a fundamental question, both in art and in philosophy: what is the relationship between the Parts and the Whole in order to create a synthesis, that is, how a new and greater Whole can be created by the fusion of different elements.
The artist creates a synthesis not only between the balanced proportions of the works and the relation of each piece to the whole, but also between the Object and the Subject.
Eric Kressnig chooses for his works of art with extraordinary sensitivity, in contrast to the cold, industrial and anti-subjective materials of minimalist expression, special woods that, with their delicate, graceful, pastel shades and perfectly harmonised elements leave a deep impression on all beholders. These factors are complemented by the human dimension of the works, which gives Eric Kressnig's works warmth.
As a contrast to the emotional impact, the consistent geometric structure, the systematic repetition of elements and the perfect execution of the works are clearly linked to Concrete Art.

Eric Kressnig has never had a solo exhibition in Hungary before, so this exhibition is a real curiosity.

The curators of the exhibition are Pia Jardí, art historian (Vienna, Barcelona), Szonja Dohnál (culture manager, House of Arts Veszprém).

The events and exhibitions of the House of Arts Veszprém are open to the public with an immunity card. Thank you for your understanding