Our Reading Lamp series at the Dubniczay Palace:
our series focuses directly on the literary work itself. This is a curiosity in itself as the programmes are characterised by as little dialogue and discussion as possible.

The invited author interacts with the audience in the sense that his or her work or parts of his or her work is read by the author himself or herself. The literary event can thus be directly influenced by the work itself.

Guest: Can Togay, poet, writer, film director
Moderator: László Kilián writer, editor

The door opens, I turn there.
My father enters in dusky brown,
in slippers and pyjamas,
and he crosses the room on the creaking floor
with limping steps without a sound
to the French window, which is ajar,
and then opens it wide
with stiff legs he crawls across
through the bars to the sill
to reach the sliding glass door on his back
with wings of his own design
and throws himself out into the green trees of the garden."

(Excerpt from CAN TOGAY: The Childhood of Icarus)

Sponsor of the programme:
National Cultural Fund, www.nka.hu

Our events are open to visitors with an immunity certificate. Thank you for your understanding.

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