Dubniczay Palace/ Castle Gallery
"Two birds can be seen in one of Nándor Szilvásy's works with outstretched wings and open beak. It is as if they are wondering which way to fly to the autumn waters of Lake Balaton or over the yellowing-reddish foliage of the Balaton highlands. The birds return again and again to the works taking possession of the airspace, the branches of trees and bushes, and of human structures, too.


They themselves embody human behaviour or even seem to encourage us the viewers of the images to try like them to detach ourselves from the physical reality, from the narrow geographical coordinates that prevent us from seeing as Attila József says: much more than reality, the truth...

Although a new era in the relationship between birds and universal art did not even begin when at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s Nándor Szilvásy after a few decades of very successful work in Budapest decided to move to Révfülöp, one might even think that a radical change had taken place in his career. In reality, however, he was not only closer to the birds of the sky in the period that followed, but paradoxically also to the landscape of his childhood, which beyond family traditions also meant for him the colourful kites of freedom."


Ernő P. Szabó


Ágnes Szalontay, sponsor

Balázs Feledy art writer

László Alapfy photographer, graphic artist

László Hegyeshalmi, Director of the House of Arts Veszprém

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