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KÁROLY KLIMÓ was born in Békéscsaba then he moved to Kaposvár with his family in 1949. The professional significance of this was that as a high school student had been learning to draw at the time he was able to become acquainted with Rippl-Rónai's art thanks to his foster son, Dr. Róbert Martyn, who was very devoted to the care of Rippl-Rónai's legacy in Kaposvár.

In 1956, he was admitted to the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts where János Kmetty and Aurél Bernáth were his teachers. From 1962 he became involved in the contemporary art scene as an exhibiting artist and became a teacher at the Dési Huber Evening School of Art. From 1972 he worked at the University of Fine Arts as an assistant professor and later as an adjunct professor. He had his first solo exhibition at the Gallery of the Cultural Institute in 1976 and became a member of the Szentendre Art Society and made friends with other living representatives of the movement known as the European School, such as Dezső Kornis and Béla Kondor, who influenced his early work. He also made friends with the younger generation of artists living there (e.g. Fe Lugosi, Imre Bukta, Öcsi Zámbó, János Aknay and others). Then, when the town became a tourist centre he left Szentendre and found summer opportunities and good working conditions in Monostorapáti in Veszprém County and has been linked to this part of the country for 40 years. In the meantime, as a result of his active work in the studio, he has had several solo exhibitions in Hungary and abroad, e.g. at the Venice Biennale, but he has also had solo exhibitions in several European countries (Finland, Austria, Germany, Portugal, etc.). In the meantime, as an active artist, he has worked and exhibited continuously in Hungary and has represented contemporary Hungarian art in several important group exhibitions abroad (e.g. Seoul, Beijing, Vienna). His works are owned and exhibited by several museums and numerous galleries and private collections. In 2018 he exhibited his major works in the Barcsay Hall of the University of Fine Arts. Over the years, his work has been awarded with several honours and awards and books and catalgues have promoted his work. Now, over 80 his health allows him to spend his days with working.

Works in public collections (selection)

Albertina, Vienna

Art Museum, Reading (USA)

Ferenczy Museum, Szentendre

Fővárosi Képtár, Budapest

Janus Pannonius Museum, Pécs

Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest

Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

Museum of Modern Art, Seoul

Neue Galerie der Stadt Linz

Städtische Galerie, Wels (Austria)

Szombathely Gallery, Szombathely

Taidem, Pori (Finland)

Taidem, Kuopio (Finland)

City Museum, Győr


Prizes, awards (selection)

Derkovits Scholarship (1964-1967)

Munkácsy Mihály Prize (1972)

Juho Russannen Prize, Kuopio, (Finland, 1980)

Prize of Europe Publishing House, (1988)

Artist of Merit (1998)

Herder Prize (2005)

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