Dubniczay Palace /In our Reading Lamp series the literary work itself is in focus. This is a curiosity in itself, as the programmes are characterised by as little dialogue and discussion as possible. The invited author is in contact with the audience in the sense that his or her work, or details of his or her work, are read by the author himself or herself. In this literary event the work itself can have a direct impact on the audience.

Moderator: László Kilián editor


István Vörös (Budapest, 20 September 1964 –) Attila József Prize winner poet, prose writer, critic, literary historian, essayist, head of the Department of Western Slavic Languages at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, instructor of the Creative Writing Programme. He is a member of the Attila József Circle, the PEN Club, the Art Fund and the Society of Writers. He is a regular playwright for the Baltazar Theatre.

His most recent volumes are: The Coat of Thomas Mann (Bp., 2017); The Inhabitants of Elegy 2000-2011 (Bp., 2018); Walking Around. Studies on the Oeuvre of Iván Mándy (Bp., 2018); The First Night of Freedom (Bp., 2019)


"The question is whether talented people make the world a better place. It depends on what they are talented at. I call positive talent only talent. There is a talented actor but no talented murderer, there is a talented pianist but no talented bomber pilot. Take it as I said."

István Vörös


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Isvtán Vörös
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