The exhibition in the Dubniczay Palace / Castle Gallery is the second solo show by Gergely Korinek. Korinek's painting like many of his contemporaries uses easily and infinitely available sources: photographs.

Gergely Korinek


He was born in 1972. He spent his primary and secondary school years in Veszprém, then graduated from a silver-working school in Budapest.

At the end of high school it became clear to him that he wanted to become a painter.His first skills were acquired at the Visual Workshop of the House of Arts Veszprém - W:I:M - under the guidance of László Hegyeshalmi in the late 1980s. During his years in Budapest he was a regular visitor to the Fő utcai(Main Steet) Drawing Circle, where his teachers were József Gaál and Tamás Kopasz. He was also a member of the Óbuda School of Painting where he learned the basics of academic painting and drawing under László Gyémánt. After a few years of work he graduated from the University of Pécs with a degree in drawing, visual education and painting. His masters were Sándor Pinczehelyi, Ilona Keserü and Dr. Tamás Aknai.

After the university he took a long break from painting after a short period of activity. The reason for this was largely to make a living. From 2017 onwards, however, ambition and the will to create burst forth again with elemental force and since then he has been working continuously and intensively.hibition is his second solo show. This is the first time he is showing his oil paintings and drawings.

About his painting:

Korinek's painting like many of his contemporaries uses sources that are easily and infinitely available: photographs. From the Internet, magazines, posters. Hence the title of the exhibition: STOCK. The fact that he has spent twenty years in marketing and brand design as a professional graphic designer plays a decisive role in his sample set. He is not only a consumer but also a producer of the materials used.

Stock photography is a type of image: commercially available professional quality clichés in every conceivable subject and composition. It is characterised by impersonality, variability, professionalism and template. Korinek enjoys using the slipshod human interactions that occur in this kind of composition, as soon as the professionally posed figures appear to have no connection whatsoever. In the advertisements, the objects can be replaced by other objects, the people can be replaced by other models, their size and position are independent of the perceived physical reality, the colours are loose, their role is that of brand elements, they must be different from the rivals. In advertisements, in the decor of TV studios a striking abstract visual world appears in his paintings and drawings: the most outermost surface of human life where coolness is the measure.

The exhibition was opened by László Hegyeshalmi, Director of the House of Arts Veszprém.