In addition to the sixty-four pictures the exhibition opening in the Castle Gallery is the first to show Karátson's thirteen linocut prints also made for Faust in 1969. The exhibition is complemented by Faust quotations and photographs of the artist on which the illustrations are based.

Gábor Karátson was one of the most versatile artists of 20th century Hungarian art. He was a writer, translator, philosopher, orientalist, environmentalist and last but not least painter and graphic artist. One of his greatest graphic works was the illustration of Goethe's Faust.

Published in 1980 by Europa Publishers the two volumes of 64 watercolours and pencil drawings offer a very unique interpretation of Goethe's large-scale work. The colour and monochrome pages evoke passages of the dramatic poem through the symbolism of colour in accordance with Goethe's colour theory and theories. Moreover, the colour Faust is completely unique among the classic black and white Faust illustrations in art history.

Greetings by:
Anna Tardy-Molnár, Executive Director of MANK
László Kilián, Director of the House of Arts Veszprém

Opening speech by:
Gábor Bellák, curator of the exhibition

Participating artist:
László Vándorfi, actor, director of the Pannon Castle Theatre

The exhibition was organized jointly by MANK Hungarian Art Nonprofit Ltd. and the House of Arts Veszprém as an art program of the Gábor Karátson Archive and Research Workshop.
Board of Trustees: Szilvia Granasztói, Dávid Karátson, János Karátson

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